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What and Who is God?


A special word from someone in the TFL community:

God is the person I want to be like. God is the feelings and thoughts I want to have. He is the light when I'm in the dark. He is the food when I am hungry and the water when I am thirsty. I thank Him for He is everything.

He gave me life. He gives me purpose. He shows me the way for I am lost. He gives me strength for I am weak. He gives me courage for I am scared. He is my everything. I need to say it over and over, "Thank You, Lord", because He needs to know it. I am truly grateful for what He does.

God has touched my life in miracles and simplicity. He gives me the fire to keep burning bright for I am burnt out. He has shown me that my gift of love is just a part of Him, for His love is the greatest love you can ever feel.

So I want to to spread the word of joy by saying my Father is great! My Lord is awesome. My God is good. And thank You Jesus for letting the Holy Spirit consume me. Please, O Lord, take my soul and hold it tight. Take my life and watch it grow. Keep putting Your words in my mouth and Your thoughts in my mind. For You are the path I choose to take. You are the reason I choose to wake. I love You, Lord, for You are great!

And keep on loving me for I know you will. So keep filling my cup until it spills. Keep anointing my head with oil, because I am a lucky sheep who is spoiled. You are my Leader, my Shepherd, my Dad. And for that I am glad.

O Lord, thank You once again for everything you have done for me. I am grateful to have felt your joy. I will share it to all who will hear.


Today, ask yourself the same questions: What is God to you? Who is God to you? Contemplate and meditate on those questions and write down your responses.

Spend some time with God through the Bible and prayer, and allow His majesty and love to flood you as you gain insight and knowledge of who He is.

Let us know in the comments below what and who God is to you.

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