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Fight Chaplains

As Chaplains we flexibly serve and sincerely build connections with competitors and trainers as well as staff and volunteers. We're available to pray and be a non-anxious influencing presence in a dark place. Our goal is to represent the sweet joy of God’s love as we network and set in motion long term discipleship opportunities. We are in the corner of all we come in contact with.

TFL Blog

Dynamic and relevant in their content, our blogs challenge the reader to evaluate their own life and how they can be more intimate with Jesus. Enjoy reading our frequent uploads and our catalog of past entries. 

Cross Choke Podcast

One of our largest and most engaging ministries, Cross Choke is a fun and engaging way to truly dive in to different topics through conversation and for the TFL community to be directly involved. Our podcast posts on all podcast services on a regular basis and is the perfect way to fill some of your commute time. Be sure to drop us a question or topic for the show and be a part!

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Agape International Ministries (TFL AIM), is where TFL's heartbeat comes to life. Our aim, and the aim of Jesus, is for every person on the planet to have an intimate and relationship with Him. Whether locally or abroad, we aim to preach the Gospel to every tribe, nation and tongue. We want people every where to experience God's love, His agape love. Through a character-based approach, TFL spreads God's love by means of relational evangelism, as well as planned outreaches and special events. If you would like TFL to host a special event in your location, request information bellow.

Competition Team

As Christian competitors and Martial Artists, we utilize an unconventional platform to glory Jesus in a unique way. On the mat or in the cage, in the locker-room or in an interview, we represent and shine Jesus' light in a dark place. While competing in the spotlight we strive to fulfill the Great Commission wherever we are. The TFL Affiliate Program offers Christian competitors with tools to help them glorify God and make disciples. You are not alone as a Christian competitor!

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