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The Fight Life



Join Dakota and Zach, leaders of TFL, as they share their experience and view on things like BJJ, music, ministry and Jesus. Join them for season two on your podcast service of choice or at the link below!



competitor is nothing without their cornerman supporting them and encouraging them. The same is true in any ministry endeavor. Would you consider being in our corner?



Updated regularly, enjoy our team's innovative and thought-provoking blogs. Have an open mind and be challenged in your outlook and relationship with God as you read and apply!

Anthony Curtiss

I've learned that God is my Father who wants what's best  for me. Through TFL, I've grown and am continuing to grow.

Alex Sexton

TFL showed me a pathway to Christ and new life. Questions I've always had about God have been answered.


Matthew Muns

God used TFL to change my life. If it wasn't for them, I don't know where I would have ended up.

Zach Anderson

By means of TFL, God has shown me He can use everything at His disposal for His glory--just surrender!


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