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Operation Prayer

Prayer Focus:

Remember who God is:

Prayer is a powerful tool at our fingertips that we rarely grasp hold of. One of the biggest hindrances to an effective prayer life is a skewed view of God. Check this out: if we think God is some far off God who doesn't understand what we're going through, or maybe we think He is so angry with us and upset with us that He won't listen, then why would we pray to Him? But is that who God is? No! The Bible describes God as our loving Father who is eager to help us in this life. He understands what we're going through because He has already been there as a man--Jesus.

As we focus on the first of TFL's three-fold vision statement: surrender, let's trust God for who He says He is. Fight the good fight for the true faith. Put all your efforts toward gaining intimacy with Jesus and lay down your own will. His plans are better than our plans and His will is greater than ours. Let's live the TFL and surrender.

How can we Pray for you?